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Vocalgrama - Speech & Voice Range Profile

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Vocalgrama is a software developed to analyze the vocal behavior of an individual in the control of the parameters of frequency and intensity of voice. In a simple way, it allows to evaluate the use of voice in speech (SRP - Speech Range Profile) and singing (VRP - Voice Range Profile).

Furthermore, it provides vocal training and allows to obtain data of the fundamental frequency and durational characteristics of the emission, as the Maximum Phonation Time (MPT).

Vocalgrama provides real-time visual feedback for sound intensity level (in dB) and pitch (in Hz) of the voice produced by the client and generates singing and speaking voice range profiles including the shouting voice mode.

Vocalgrama features four operational modes:

- Speech Range Profile

- Voice Range Profile

- Training

- Fundamental Frequency and MPT

Vocalgrama Demo Version - This is the full version of the software. You can use it for a limited amount of time

In order to use the software you will need to have on your computer

- Graphic card with supporting 800 x 600 pixel resolution or higher
- Sound Blaster compatible sound card
- Headset with microphone

Speech Range Profile (SRP)

Vocalgrama allows the use of the frequency and intensity of emission in spoken voice (for instance - counting from 20 to 30).

The different colors indicate the situations of speech, being orange for a soft voice, rose to normal, red for the loud and purple for very loud emission. There are two visualization modes, by points or by the area.

Voice Range Profile (VRP)

It allows the use of the frequency and intensity of the singing voice, particularly using a sustained vowel /e/, registering the curve of the soft and loud.

The program also allows to register note by note (Voice Range Profile), when necessary. The soft curve appears in the light blue and the loud in dark blue.

In this mode you can use the program to work in real time with the voice pitch in tasks involving sustained vowel (frequency stability), reading text (melodic curve), or exercises, allowing the vocal/visual monitoring.

The keyboard is activated to produce sound stimulus and guide the exercises for various purposes, such as training Vocal Function or the Lee Silverman voice treatment (LSVT).

There are two training modes:
- Real-Time F0
- Real-Time F0 Histogram
Fundamental Frequency and MPT
In this mode you can use the program to extract the frequency of an emission and its sustained Maximum Phonation Time (MPT). The reading appears directly in the window and you can select and train various vowels.

This mode facilitates the archiving of data evaluation and allows the individual to understand the relationship between higher and lower emissions.


Windows: Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7
Mac: No Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Speech and Language Therapy