MK Prosopsis

Skill Builders - Sorting Skills


Sorting is the ability to distinguish objects and images by some common quality or characteristic. It is important for children to acquire this skill in order to understand that objects can be grouped according to shared features and uses. By identifying similarities and differences, and making direct comparisons, a pupil will begin to classify and give reasons for their decisions.

The ability to sort is fundamental to core curriculum subjects. To be able to distinguish between numbers, symbols and letters is essential to the early development of numeracy and literacy skills. Science also relies very much on the ability to be able to classify objects according to their properties and uses. The four activities in Sorting Skills encourage pupils to practise and refine these vital skills.


  • Four focused tasks at four different levels
  • Eight familiar topics
  • Switch enabled
  • Configurable options and speech support
  • Clear images and simple interface

Windows: Compatible with Win98 and later versions

Mac: Compatible Switch Access: Yes

Recommended for: Early Learning