MK Prosopsis

Maze On


Maze On is a program that lets you create and play mazes. By a maze I mean activities where the task is manoeuvre a "puck" (i.e. picture object) through an environment to a target area. In Maze On the type of the environment can be very flexible.

Maze On:
-can play sounds as you move around the maze and/or when you reach the target area;
-allows mazes to be joined together - when you finish one you can start another;
-provides access via the mouse/Touch Screen, keyboard or switches (one or two).

Maze On should work well with a touch screen or other access/input system that controls the mouse. Simply set your peripheral devices up to control the mouse pointer and away you go.

Notes: Maze On uses metafiles for both the mazes and the "puck" that you move around the screen - when you are more familiar with the program you can change the puck and even make new mazes by changing the background.

Windows: Compatible with Win98 and later versions

Mac: Non-Compatible Switch Access: Yes

Recommended for: Early Learning