MK Prosopsis

Jigsaw Maker


A dazzling picture pack that turns proud young artists into beaming puzzle designers

Children love computer art, and Jigsaw Maker provides all the usual tools for them to design or load in a picture, and then lets them turn it into a 'sliding block' or 'click-to-swap' puzzle. It extends the purpose of - and the audience for - computer art activities, and feeds the creative process as they design ever more complex images and puzzles, or see new ideas in the work of others.

Fully configurable, Jigsaw Maker is designed for the whole primary age range, with a 'pen' for the really young, and a comprehensive range of tools for older children, such as Draw, Fill, Text, Undo, symmetrical painting, and re-sizeable maths shapes. Attractive 'stickers' can be stamped on work, and 120 outline drawings are provided to colour and turn into puzzles.

Windows: Compatible with Win95 and later versions

Mac: Non-Compatible Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Early Learning