MK Prosopsis

Freddy Teddy Bumper Pack


The Freddy Teddy Bumper Pack includes six inspiring early learning programs designed to improve skills including counting, controlling, sequencing recognising and remembering.

In different settings, children interact with Freddy:
- to help him rescue his ball by adding up to 5 or 10 in Balloons
- dressing him in the right sequence for different occasions in The Wardrobe
- counting animals from 1 to 5 or 10, randomly or in sequence in The Zoo
- remembering what colour clothes he was wearing before he stepped into a puddle and hung them out to dry in The Puddle
- teaching him how to play on climbing frames and slides in The Playground
- what could he be up to in Freddy's Adventure?

Rapidly becoming a classic in its own right, 'Freddy' keeps children entertained while getting some real learning done!


Windows: Compatible with Win95 and later versions

Mac: Compatible Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Early Learning