MK Prosopsis



The program consists of six entertaining games. There are many different levels in every part and you will find both easy and a little harder activities. The program is designed for ages 4 and up. Here mouse or switch timing skills can be developed whilst having a lot of fun.

The program starts with a picture menu. This takes you to the six different games.

In this game you shall try to hit the rocks that come flying in space.

Bounce the ball against the board and try to hit down as many coloured bricks as possible.

Pacman shall eat up all the yellow cookies without running into the ghost. You have to press once for every step. In this game you have three "lives" to use in order to finish the game.

The small rabbits are supposed to jump over the river or across the street without falling into the water or being hit by a car.

In this game you shall try to shoot down the different symbols moving on the screen.

Blocks will fall down. You can move and rotate the blocks. The goal is the build a complete row of blocks. Once you have completed a full row it will disappear.

Along with the program comes Editors to every game which makes it possible to create own activities. This enables you to create activities for each game as easy or difficult as you wish.

Easy Games is language independent. The setting menus contain symbols instead of text.

You can use the program with a mouse, one or two switches, keyboard, Touch screen or a joystick connected to the USB-port.

EasyGames Demo Version - This is the full version of the software. You can use it only for 30 days


Windows: Compatible with Win98 and later versions

Mac: Non-Compatible Switch Access: Yes

Recommended for: Early Learning