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Communicate: In Print


About Communicate: In Print

The first genuine symbol DTP program.

Communicate: In Print 2 is a new version with a complete set of coloured Widgit Rebus Symbols in addition to the black and white symbols and other pictures supplied with the program.

In Print is a flexible symbol supported desktop publishing package for creating books, worksheets, newsletters and posters; so is literally making the headlines.

With all the functions of a symbol processor wrapped up in a DTP and full symbol functionality along-side freedom of layout, In Print is an exciting new product for the Inclusion and SEN market.

Using Communicate: In Print

  • An extensive range of line drawings and colourful images to place on the page or use as text support.

Graphic supported text

When you type in symbol mode your writing will automatically be illustrated by symbols from the wordlist you are using. Click on the Colour symbols button to see black & white line drawings or the colour version.

Flexible use of graphics

Text and graphic boxes can be freely moved about on the page, they can be sized, grouped and arranged front to back.

The coloured pictures supplied come with an in-built picture browser and the images enable an extensive range of composite pictures to be built up.

Objects can be rotated to create special effects. Graphics can be very easily flipped and inverted.

Speech Bubbles

Speech bubbles give endless opportunities for dialogue to bring pictures and stories alive. Simply put a speech bubble on the page and type straight in with plain text or text and images.


The colours in the pictures supplied with the program can be edited, giving scope for imaginative work as well as early cognitive tasks.

  • The Widgit Rebus symbols now available in both colour and black & white.

Exact match between colour and black & white

The entire symbol set is provided in both formats. The line drawings are exactly the same, with colour being carefully and sensitively added. The tone values have been set so that the colour symbols print well in black and white, to give a more solid image.

Skin tones

There are 5 skin tones available.

Click on the Skin tones button to change the appearance of all the symbols, or just highlighted ones.

Rename a coloured symbol or a symbol with a specific skin tone and then save it to your wordlist for future use

Change the colours for symbols

You can change the colour of individual symbols.

Click on the Palette button to change the colours is a symbol. Rename this symbol (with the F11 key) and then save it to your wordlsit for future use. NOTE: The colour symbols are only supplied with Communicate: In Print 2. If you also have Writing with Symbols 2000 you can use the colour in this program through the specially prepared wordlist.

  • Make books, posters and worksheets

In Print

Can automatically add symbols to your writing. Type and the images appear. This is an ideal for making differentiated materials to use in inclusive settings. You can make books with alternative material on facing pages.

Pictures support language by helping to make words concrete and can give confidence to students struggling with English.


Frames are great for making flash cards and other learning materials. Cards like these are used in mainstream schools to make words more conrete. Using cards with pictures or symbols can help beginner readers link the word to the idea. You can add the word to the picture or have the word on separate cards for matching.


Text or graphic boxes can have frames which can be copied to all pages to make standard layouts or templates for students to write in. Pictures placed into an empty frame will automatically be sized to fit.

There is an easy way of page numbering and you can start the numbering at any page.

You can also easily create the same text or images on all pages. this makes adding headers or footers very simple.

  • Use In Print 2 as a tool for emergent writers

Language Support

Simply type and see the images appear. This can be used to support writing by seeing the meanings of the words.

You can see the graphics alternatives as you type so you can easily select the one that best illustrates the meaning.

Type using just text, or text and symbols.
Speech can be used as feedback when you type as a writing aid - or listen to your writing, spoken 'sentence by sentence' afterwards.

Drag and drop or click to put your own pictures onto words to personalise their meaning.

Images of your own are automatically stored with the file moving to other machines.

Multiple levels of undo and redo. You can add lines with or without arrows and in a variety of styles.

Pictorial Spell Checker

The pictorial spell checker shows the suggested alternatives, illustrated with an image. You can hear the suggestions spoken. This makes it easier to choose the word that matches the meaning you want. You can try a word in context and listen to the sentence before confirming it is ok and moving to the mext mis-spelling.

Users of Communicate: In Print

In Print is a valuable communication software for teachers, Speech therapists and older learners.

Download free ready made resoures:

Winter Weather Pack - Christmas Pack - Spring (Activities to do and discuss)


Windows: Compatible with Win98 and later versions

Mac: Non-Compatible Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Communication