MK Prosopsis

Taction Pads


Taction Pads are clear adhesive-backed, touch-sensitive plastic patches. When adhered to a surface or object, they act like switches, activating any of Adaptivation's compatible devices.

When a Taction Pad is touched by some part of the hand or our Conductive Foam patches (sold separately), the device into which it is plugged is activated. Taction Pads were designed to operate specifically with Adaptivation's line of touch activated devices and will not work with other assistive devices or adapted toys unless accompanied by the LinkSwitch.

By placing a Taction Pad over a picture, an assistive device can be activated when that picture (actually the overlying Taction Pad ) is touched. For example, touching a picture of a lamp could activate the lamp. Picture boards can be made to talk or control one's environment when teamed up with other Adaptivation products.

Where more intuitive switches are needed, objects can become switches. Imagine touching a glass, then a message such as, "May I have something to drink please?" plays to a care provider. This intuitive cause-effect relationship provides a cognitive step beyond merely placing a button in front of the glass. Taction Pads facilitate choice selection such as picking one of several color markers, shown below.

Instead of hitting a button placed next to a tape player, touching a Taction Pad adhered to the tape player makes the tape player activate. Taction Pads give teachers and therapists the power to choose what they feel is the best target object.

Taction Pads are resistant to saliva, hand grime and urine, and can be cleaned with mild soap and water.