MK Prosopsis

Star Switch


Each switch is 5.7cm in diameter and slightly recessed. Comes with five coloured stickers. Slight tactile and auditory feedback.

The Star Switch is one of the range of "Multiple Switches" by TASH. A Multiple Switch is five switches in one, and is used to control any device that requires five single switches for operation. It has a 9 pin D female connector, which can be adapted to make five single switch "mono" plugs for controlling any five devices where each is normally operated by a single switch. The adapter you need for this is the CA-6 adaptor.

Note: The 9 pin D female connector is not for a serial connection. To use this multiple switch with a computer with a USB port, you also need the USB Mouse Mover adaptor.

Dimensions: 23cm x 23cm x 1.3cm (9" x 9" x 0.5")
Activating Force: 150g (5.2oz)
Travel Before Activation: 0.7mm (0.03")