MK Prosopsis


Our Standing range is comprised by many different categories and types. Below is just a sample of a few items from our Standing range that makes your everyday life easier. For the complete collection please contact us.


The Tristander positioner does the job of three conventional standers. Its unique design allows prone, supine or vertical standing. A foot operated pneumatic tilt mechanism makes it easy to adjust the stander from 15° to 90°. It is adjustable, allowing it to grow with the child. It has adjustable soft foam cushioned pads that are seamless and impervious to body fluids and are easy to wash and disinfect. The adjustable module cushions and supports can be mounted on both frame sizes. The Tristander 45 (yellow frame) accommodates children from 810mm (32") to 1140mm (45") and the Tristander 58 (blue frame) accommodates children from 1090mm (43") to 1470mm (58")
in height. The 75mm (3") castors are lockable.
The Tristander includes: frame, shoes with bar, hip support, headrest, knee support, trunk supports.

Prone Mobile Stander

The Prone Mobile Stander gives the child who cannot stand independently the freedom to mobilise at peer level.
The dynamic design combines combines comfortable prone support with easy mobility. Wheels are slanted inward so they're easy to reach and encourage increased range of motion. The stander features padded lateral supports which adjust in both depth and length to provide flexibility in positioning. It also features a split footplate that can accommodate leg length discrepancies. User height range: 760-940mm (30-37").
Wheel diameter: 510mm (20").

Tugs Supine Stander

Supports children 760 to 1270mm (30 to 50") tall at the head, trunk, pelvis, knees and feet. Simply use the hand crank to tilt the board vertically and horizontally at any angle. For those with sufficient head control, the top 356mm (14") of the board easily folds away. Armrests fold down as well for easy entry and adjust for tray tilt. Telescoping legs extend for stability while in use and retract for convenient storage. The footboard also folds flat for storage. 75mm (3") double locking castors prevent roll and swivel. The board is 1295mm (51") and includes padding, footboards, adjustable armrests, two 102mm (4") leg straps, one 102mm (4") chest strap and two pairs of support blocks. Tray is included.

Easy Stand

This seating and standing system is ideal for children who would benefit from frequent changes in position, but require assistance and stabilisation in standing. In the classroom or at home, the Magician allows the user's position to vary quickly and easily from sitting to standing by using the gas spring assisted push handles that can lock into any position. The child is secured in the stander through a multi-point support system which includes:
- Adjustable formed foot holders with foot straps
- Padded back, seat and side supports
- Adjustable padded knee supports
- Front support pad on activity tray
Optional adjustable lateral and head supports provide additional stabilisation. The Adjustable clear activity tray is accessible in any position. The Magician accommodates children 915 to 1420mm (3 to 4'6") tall. The base has four 102mm (4") locking castors with twin wheels for easy mobility.
Base dimensions: front dimensions 559 x 838mm (22 x 33").