MK Prosopsis

Splinting Materials

Our Splinting Materials range is comprised by many different categories and types. Below is just a sample of a few items from our Splinting Materials range that makes your everyday life easier. For the complete collection please contact us.

Aquaplast Watercolors

Moderate resistance to stretch

Handling Characteristics
- Bright and vibrant colours that encourage paediatric and adult compliance
- Features all the well loved benefits of Aquaplast-T
- Less likely to be lost in the laundry or in bedding

Heating and Working Times
- 1.6mm for 35 seconds at 70°C to 75°C gives 1 to 2 minutes working time
- 2.4mm for 1 minute at 70°C to 75°C gives 2 to 3 minutes working time
- 3.2mm for 1 minute at 70?C to 75°C gives 4 to 6 minutes working time

Clinical Indications
- Hand and upper limb splinting
- Ideal for paediatrics
- Neurological visual and attentional deficits
- Occupational splints where conventional white materials can show stains


Flexible lightweight support

Handling Characteristics
- Neoprene has a degree of elasticity enabling controlled movement
- Consists of nylon lining on one side and pile material on the other over a rubber core, making for easy hook attachment
- Lightweight and non-bulky enhancing function
- Provides warmth that is ideal for arthritic joints
- Sold in a bag
- Latex free

Clinical Indications
- Can be used either as strapping or for making soft splints
- 1.6mm is ideal for paediatric applications, where bulky materials may restrict movement
- Warmth may be beneficial with hypertonicity

Velcro Brand Self Adhesive Hook and Loop

This high quality Velcro brand hook and loop offers superior, adjustable closure over a long life cycle. Ideal for everyday, long term use on medical applications such as splints, casts and equipment. The tape can be washed or dry cleaned.
The quick setting rubber based adhesive backing is suitable for items requiring a fast turnaround. This adhesive can be used on a variety of surfaces including steel, plaster and textiles.
Add either H for Hook or L for Loop, then colour choice.

Coloured D rings

Durable D-Rings made from Polyacetal. Stronger than Nylon and ideal for splinting, strapping purposes. Available in a range of colours. Add colour choice: Red (R), Pink (P), Blue (B), Yellow (Y), Green (G), Black (K). 100 pieces per pack.