MK Prosopsis

Sensory Motor

Our Sensory Motor range is comprised by many different categories and types. Below is just a sample of a few items from our Sensory Motor range that makes your everyday life easier. For the complete collection please contact us.

Physio Rolls

People unable to tolerate traditional ball therapy can be successful with Physio-Rolls. Motion is limited to forward and back and side to side, providing greater stability than a round ball. Rated to 300kg. The therapist can sit on the ball and support the patients movements. Suitable for all ages, particularly good for children. Five sizes available.


Designed to assist in backward or forward rolls, sliding or as support for the child. Integral feeler strips guide hand position. Available in two sizes.

Balance Turning Board

Designed to provide 360° of gradual, progressive resistance. Simulates functional movements and activities to enhance balance control. Ideal treatment for stroke recovery, balance deficit disorders, geriatric populations, closed head injuries and cerebral palsy. Plastic coated foam, rounded edges and controlled tipping function promote client safety. Select boards according to weight and therapeutic level.

Barrel Crawl / Roll

By gently rocking the barrel, the therapist can produce a rhythmic movement experience for the child. In time, the child can learn to shift his weight in order to roll the barrel. Inside diameter 305mm (12"), outside is 560mm (22").