MK Prosopsis

Pilot 'Light'


Pilot 'Light' voice activated remote control - voice controls daily living functions

Entirely by voice - you can from a chair, bed or wheelchair control all the functions seen in the picture lower down page.

  • Entry phone to answer & interrogate visitors & admit them by automated Power Door Opener
  • Hands free telephone - receive calls, dial numbers or memories - just say the memory name
  • Power curtains, window, power sockets, fan, heater, main lights & table lamp on/off/dim
  • TV, video, satellite, CD, tape, tuner, intercom, page turner operating books or newspapers
  • Power operated bed, recliner chair & full computer control, plus nurse & alarm call systems
  • Wheelchair mounted cordless telephone enabling communication up to 300 metres from house

All of this is possible by speaking to this compact voice activated remote control device called the Pilot 'Light'.

It is a voice controlled infra red transmitter which can be set up and trained within 20 minutes.

It is of great value to those with disabilities such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophy and those with high level injuries such as tetraplegics.

All spoken commands have audible confirmatory feedback and therefore it is suitable for those with a visual handicap.