MK Prosopsis

Orthopaedic Supports

Our Orthopaedic Supports range is comprised by many different categories and types. Below is just a sample of a few items from our Orthopaedic Supports range that makes your everyday life easier. For the complete collection please contact us.

Forearm splint

A resting splint for the wrist, hand and fingers. Used clinically for immobilisation and fixation post surgery or hand injury.
Ideal for conservative treatment of metacarpal fractures and multiple hand pathologies. Made from Chrisofix material, which is soft, comfortable cotton material, with aluminium core that is easily adjustable to provide quick fixation. Straps are fixed with Velcro. Machine washable at 30° with fastenings closed.

Knee Immobiliser

Made from polycotton bound foam and lined with a nylon tricot. One each medial and lateral stays and three contoured posterior stays. Hook and loop closure for easy fitting. Fits 255 to 355mm (circumference 80mm above knee) to 165 to 255mm (circumference 80mm below knee).

Hand Orthosis

The Deluxe Hand Orthosis includes a pivotal thumb abductor with medial and lateral thumb supports. It allows optimal positioning and a custom fit for even the most difficult thumb adduction contractures and joint deformities. Softly padded diagonal straps provide improved hand positioning and colour coded hook and loop closures assure proper application. Available in three paediatric sizes. Choose right hand or left hand model. To size, measure the length from wrist crease to the tip of the longest finger.

Finger Splints

Easy to apply, adjustable, non-allergenic finger splints for immobilisation of the PIP and MP joints. Made from a thin aluminium core covered by a skin friendly perforated, breathable material. Chrisofix splints are lightweight and very comfortable. X-ray transparent. Hand wash in warm soapy water and air dry. Supplied with adhesive fixation strips.