MK Prosopsis

Skoog Music Cube

  • It's a new musical instrument!!!
  • Tactile soft touch to play
  • Accessible, inclusive and intuitive


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What is Skoog?

The Skoog Music Cube is an exciting new musical instrument with accessibility at its heart.  An instrument designed explicitly for special education to empower those unable to play traditional instruments.  The Skoog Music Cube is a soft, squeezable object that simply plugs straight into your computer or laptop's USB port.  Simply touching, pressing, squashing, twisting or tapping the Skoog Music Cube allows you to play a wide range of instruments, intuitively..

Real expression, Real music
Start making your own music.  For anyone unable to play orchestral instruments, the Skoog Music Cube offers the opportunity to experience and play realistic musical sounds for yourself.    The Skoog Music Cube gives you access to the full dynamic characteristics of a real flute or xylophone, without asking you to master the real thing.  For example, you can use any part of your body, just squeeze the Skoog Music Cube to blow a flute, or just tap it to strike a xylophone



Full sensory feedback
The Music Cube gives you unparalleled potential for personal musical expression.  It responds directly to your movement - and because the Music Cube uses physical modelling synthesis, and not just sampling, midi or wavetable synthesis - variations in your touch directly affect the sound you produce.  Every subtle gesture held within your movement is converted into beautifully nuanced musical sound.

Versatile teaching resource
The Music Cube is extremely versatile as a teaching tool. The software offers a range of instruments including Brass, Woodwind, Percussion and Strings.  You can change the sensitivity with a click of the mouse, and save individual user settings. Music Cubemusic's software allows you customise the Music Cube to suit the needs of a wide range of potential musicians and adjustable skill settings offer the opportunity to learn and grow

How do I play?

You play the Music Cube by physically interacting with it.  By pressing, squeezing, rubbing, stroking, tilting or manipulating the Music Cube in different ways you can control the different instruments in the Music Cubemusic software.  You can change the sensitivity of the Music Cube at the touch of a button to suit the abilities of a wide range of learners.  You can even customize the set up and save different user profiles.


5 Colour coded sides
 The Music Cube has 5 touch sensitive, colour coded surfaces giving you the ability to play and control 5 different notes at a time.  The software makes use of this colour coding to make the it easy to navigate and control.  And its not just the coloured buttons that are sensitive but the whole surface. So you can tweak a corner or tickle a side.

It is Squeezable!

One of the Music Cube’s main features is that it is soft. It is squeezable! This provides an engaging tactile experience for all users.  And it’s how you squeeze, press, roll, twist or wobble it that controls the sound you make on a particular instrument setting. 

Choose your Own notes
Each instrument automatically loads a set of any 5 preset notes. You can adjust the key (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)  octave (from low to high) and select major or minor pentatonic scale modes, or choose your own scale.  By selecting 'user defined' you can choose notes individually and assign them to a particular surface. This allows you to create and compose your own melodies or perform some classic tunes. 

Why choose the Music Cube?
The Music Cube enables children to experience and play musical sounds for themselves.  Suitable for MLD, SLD, PMLD, children with global delay, genetic conditions such as Downs Syndrome, sensory impairments, physical/mental problems, behavioural issues and those with autism.

Colourful and squeezable, the Music Cube is robust and wipe clean.  Playable with any part of the body.  Suitable for all stages of the curriculum, from age 3 and up.



Key Benefits:

  1. Helps develop musical expression and communication skills.
  2. Ideal for promoting inclusive music practice.
  3. Improves motor skills, coordination and control.
  4. Supports sensory integration.
  5. An excellent resource for multi-sensory learning and ICT.

The Music Cube is already in use in schools across the UK and further afield.  The Music Cube’s ability to deliver inclusive music provision and even establish connections with pupils who have very severe communication difficulties has been widely praised, and feedback from staff has been excellent. 


Technical Specifications
Each Music Cube™ package contains one multi-touch sensor, one software CD and comes complete with 12 fantastic dynamic instruments and a comprehensive user guide. Simply install the software on your computer, hook up your favourite loudspeakers and connect your Music Cube™ to the USB port and you are ready to play.

Key Features

  1. Robust and wipe clean
  2. Mac and Windows compatible
  3. 5 fully-adjustable touch-sensitive surfaces
  4. A range of instruments; Woodwind, Brass, String and Electronic
  5. Quick-start pre-sets
  6. Custom user-profiles
  7. Use traditional scales or create your own.
  8. Bonus software bundle

Minimum Specification

  1.  Computer/Laptop with at least 1GB RAM
  2. Stereo headphone/audio out
  3. Windows XP (SP3) or later, Mac OSX 10.4 or later
  4. Colour display, CD ROM drive & USB port
  5. Internet access for software updates, plug-ins and web support
  6. Good quality loudspeakers recommended