MK Prosopsis



IntelliSwitch is a wireless switch interface. IntelliSwitch provides wireless access to most switch accessible software.

IntelliSwitch is an easy and flexible switch interface. Simply install the driver software, plug a switch into one of IntelliSwitch's five switch ports, and plug the receiver into your computer's USB port. Users can then access switch software with one or more switches - wirelessly!

No Cables, Greater Mobility
Minimize your cabling requirements with IntelliSwitch. With its receiver in your computer's USB port, you can use IntelliSwitch from up to 20 feet away. IntelliSwitch can even be mounted on a wheelchair to allow untethered mobility.

Two additional built-in recessed switches make it easy for assistive technology practitioners, teachers, or family members to assist a switch user.

Features and Specifications:
• Wireless! Operational up to 5 meters(20 feet) away
• 5 switch ports
• 2 built-in switches
• Switch connectors:3.5mm stereo jacks
• USB interface
• On/off switch
• 25 available switch presets(via software)
• Compatible with IntelliTools software
• Compatible with Discover software,Version 1.8
• Compatible with AbleNet's new wirelessJelly Beamer switches
• Platforms: Macintosh OS X & Windows(98, ME, 2000, XP)
• USB powered or battery-powered(2 AA batteries) when used wirelessly