MK Prosopsis

Integra Switch


The new hygienic standard in sip-and-puff switches

The INTEGRASWITCH is a sip and puff switch that enables people with severe physical impairments to easily operate Environment control systems, communication devices, adapted toys, software and emergency call systems.

Certified by the European Medical Device Regulation

The INTEGRASWITCH is the first and ONLY sip-and-puff switch certified by the European Medical Device Regulation.

Features and Benefits
-The ONLY sip and puff switch licensed according to the European Medical Device Regulation
-Easy and efficient cleaning of the mouthpiece (e.g. in the dishwasher)
-Mouthpiece is 100% hygienic, exchangeable, bio-compatible and latex-free
-Easy mounting using the INTEGRASWITCH Mounting System
-Separate output plugs for sip and puff switch actions
-Sipping and puffing pressures can be adjusted separately
-No power supply needed
-Designed for long life

Maximum safe operating current: 24 V / 15 mA DC