MK Prosopsis Πληκτρολόγιο με μεγάλα πλήκτρα
Πληκτρολόγιο με μεγάλα πλήκτρα κύπρος

Clevy Keyboard


  • A keyboard specially made for primary school children and children with a physical diability
  • The font used on the keys resembles the letters which children learn to write in primary school
  • Playful and functional use of colours
  • Water restant due to holes integrated in the bottom of the keyboard
  • Switch on the bottom of the keyboard enables the use of the function keys (e.g. f+1=F1)
  • With this same switch it's also possible to switch off key repeat. When set in this mode, the respective key output will only be given once even when the key is continuously pressed.
  • Clevy's keys are much stronger than those of a regular keyboard.
  • The first modern and responsible aid for children who are learning to read and write


As of today, an updated version of the Clevy Keyboard: the Clevy 2. In reaction to both feedback out of the market and intensive research, a number of adaptations have been made to the familiar Clevy Keyboard.

  • More logical keyboard disposition (the ESC and the ENTER keys have been moved to their usual position and the SHIFT key has been made bigger which makes these keys easier to find for people with poor eyesight) 
  •  A better contrast between the colors of the keys and those of the letters makes the Clevy keyboard even more compatible to the needs of people with imperfect eyesight
  • The colors on the keyboard are fresher and more appealing; the optical difference between vowels and consonants has also been emphasized.
  • Hose-proof because of integrated fluid outlets (visible on the bottom of the keyboard)
  • Switch on the bottom of the keyboard which gives the possibility to switch off key repeat when the user holds down a key representing a certain character.
  • This switch also gives the option to turn on "the function keys tool" which gives the numerical keys the function of the f1-f10 keys by holding the respective numerical keys down simultaneously with the "f" key


Clevy Keyboard with KeyGuard

  • The Clevy KeyGuard is especially made for people with a temporary or permanent physical dysfunction.
  • Hit one key at a time.
  • Lay your hand on the keyboard without hitting any keys.