MK Prosopsis

Access Switch


The Access Switch is a brilliant new high-quality patented switch which features an ingenious screw-on switch-cap.!

Unlike other switches, The Access Switch comes complete with a Crystal Clear Cover that simply screws onto the switch (like a jam-jar lid) preventing the cover from accidentally coming loose or falling off. Yes! - a Switch plus screw-on cap

The Access Switch comes in two sizes: Medium (65mm diameter) and Small (32mm diameter). Both have Crystal Clear screw-on Covers, which become an integral part of the switch, not a separate clip-on cap. No more glue or velcro holding the symbols on, it's all part of the switch!

The medium Access Switch measures 65mm diameter x 23mm high. Because it has the unique screw-on switch cap, symbols or objects up to 2mm thick can be placed securely under the switch cap without any fear of the cap 'popping off'. That's easily enough room for several un-laminated symbols or a couple of laminated ones,

The Small Access Switch measures 26mm x 11mm high and has space for symbols up to 1mm thick.

On both switches the cable is 1.4 metres long and is fitted with a standard 3.5mm jack plug

The Access Switch is available in one of four bright colours: red, yellow, green and blue.