MK Prosopsis

AbleNet Switches


AbleNet switches are the switches more educators rely on to deliver results every time they are activated. The switches will activate no matter where the learner presses and an audible click signals the learner that a cause-effect link has been made. Highly durable, extremely dependable and of the highest quality, you can be sure that an AbleNet switches will provide a lifetime of use and of participation. Don’t be fooled by the many imitations of this original switch range. All switches have a standard 1.8m cord with a 3.5mm mono plug. All are very easily mounted to any surface (or to a switch mount to a wheelchair) using the distinctive pre-drilled flange base.

Big Red

The largest (125 mm in diameter) of the switches is called the Big Red, although it actually comes in five colours – Red, Yellow, Green, Black and Blue. The large colourful surface area is ideal for learners with visual, cognitive or physical requirements.

Jelly Bean

Jelly Beans are smaller than their Big Red brothers (64 mm in diameter) and come in five bright colours - Red, Yellow, Green, Black and Blue. They are recommended for students who can access a smaller target area.


The Specs Switch is the smallest (35 mm in diameter) of the three switches in this range. Each Spec Switch comes with a flange base, a flush base, a strap-adaptable base and a 60 cm strap. Spec Switches are available in the same colour range as Jelly Bean switches. The strap base may be used to attach the switch to a part of the learner (arm or leg for example) or to a wheelchair armrest or to any item around which the strap will wrap.

Features & Specifications:

  • Built with quality in mind. Extremely rugged, durable and reliable.
  • On switch activation an audible click signals the learner that a cause-effect link has been made.
  • Five colours are available for all Switches - red, yellow, green, black and blue. Please specify choice of colour at time of ordering.
  • All switches have a 1.8 m lead complete with a 3.5mm mono jack plug.
  • Snap Switch Caps for Big Red and Jelly Bean (sold separately).