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A leading tested product for voice and speech analysis, biofeedback and documentation


lingWAVES has become one of the most used system for professional voice and speech analysis, biofeedback and documentation in the last years. A combination of standard and new technology analysis and processing together with an easy handling are the key features of this unique system.

The system consists of different modules managed by the lingWAVES basis user interface. A client manager allows a patient/client based analysis and documentation with the benefit of comparing and tracking results over time.

The modular character of lingWAVES allows to offer different module combinations (suites) so that a wide range of professional users can use the system, starting from speech and language therapy, over otolaryngology/ENT up to services for professional singers and speakers. You can also upgrade a lingWAVES module at any time.

lingWAVES Full Version - This is the full version of the software. You can use it for a limited amount of time

  • lingWAVES Sets and Suites

There are some special assorted collections of modules that focus on different needs of our customers. Take a look at our suites and sets:

Voice Clinic and Speech Pathology Sets

WEVOSYS offers special lingWAVES sets including different modules for everyday basic up to high level SLT/SLP/clinical work. Compare the sets and get detailed description of the components:

    • lingWAVES SLT/SLP Suite
      Recording, patient management, visual biofeedback, standard voice analysis, spectrography, hoarseness assessment,voice disorder index / VHI-12 ...
    • lingWAVES SLT/SLP Suite Pro
      Recording, patient management, extended biofeedback, real time spectrography, standard and extended voice analysis, hoarseness assessment, motor speech assessment, ...
    • lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite
      Recording, patient management, biofeedback, standard and extended voice analysis, hoarseness and motor speech disorder assessment, standard voice range profile, ...
    • lingWAVES Voice Clinic Suite Pro
      Recording, patient management, biofeedback, standard and extended voice analysis, hoarseness and motor speech disorder assessment, professional voice range profile,...


    To get more information on the Sets please contact us


    lingWAVES Sets

    Suite Pro
    Voice Clinic Suite Voice Clinic 
    Suite Pro
      lingWAVES SLP Suite lingWAVES SLP Suite Pro lingWAVES VC Suite lingWAVES VC Suite Pro
    Basis tick tick tick tick
    Voice Recording tick tick tick tick
    Comparison of  Recordings tick tick tick tick
    Edit, Cut, Paste, Delete Function tick tick tick tick
    Patient Manager tick tick tick tick
    Print Out Function tick tick tick tick
    Screen Shot Function (Bitmap, Clipboard for Text Processing) tick tick tick tick
    Client and Database backup tick tick tick tick
    Voice Disorder Index / Stimmstorungsindex tick tick tick tick
    Voice Analysis
    Spectrogram, Pitch/Fundamental Frequency, Energy, FFT tick tick tick tick
    Voice Analysis
    Spectrogram Pro (with Formant Tracking), Jitter, Shimmer   tick tick tick
    LPC, AMDF, Cepstrum, Autocorrelation   tick tick tick
    Voice Quality        
    Vospector voice quality measurement tick tick tick tick
    Visual Biofeedback        
    TheraVox tick tick tick tick
    Spectrogram Real Time tick tick tick tick
    Multi Real Time 
    (Time Signal, Spectrogram, Pitch, Energy)
      tick tick tick
    Motor Speech Assessment        
    Motor Speech Disorder Assessment   tick tick tick
    Voice Range Profile
    (UEP normed and EU MPG Certification)
    Standard Singing 
    Voice Range Profile
    Standard Speaking 
    Voice Range Profile
    Singing Norm Profile     tick tick
    Compare Profiles     tick tick
    Extended Singing Voice Range Profile with Voice Quality Profile (Irregularity, Noise, Overall Severity, Vocal Ring/Singer's Formant)       tick
    Extended Speaking 
    Voice Range Profile with Profile Slope Calculation
    Singing Norm Profile Coverage Calculation       tick
    Vospector - DSI (Dysphonia Severity Index)       tick
    Voice Loading Test        
    Voice Loading Test       tick


    Suite Pro
    Voice Clinic 
    Voice Clini

Voice Range Profile / Phonetogram Sets

WEVOSYS offers 3  phonetogram sets for voice range profiling and more. The sets range from simple but highly reliable to modular based, diverse, professional and extendable voice analysis systems. In the following table you can compare the different sets:

To get more information on the Sets please contact us

VRP sets Phonetogram
target group voice and speech therapy / 
professional SLTs, ENT, high documentation demand specialized ENT, phonoatrics, universities, voice clinic, high documentation demand
system voice range profile measurement
not extendable
modular system on
lingWAVES base
modular system on 
lingWAVES base
medical product 
- class 1  class 1
hardware sound level meter
(IEC 651 Typ2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2, +/- 1,5 dB)
sound level meter
(IEC 651 Typ2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2, +/- 1,5 dB)
sound level meter
(IEC 651 Typ2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2, +/- 1,5 dB)
voice range profile measurement voice range profile with opportunity for comparison (two profiles) voice range profile (singing, speaking) with opportunity for comparison (two or more profiles) singing profile with fields of irregularity, noise, overall severity (roughness, breathiness, hoarseness), singer's formant (vocal ring), dynamic for loudness and pitch, speaking profile, Vospector-DSI, high amount of comparison possibilities
singing norm profile tick tick tick
print function tick tick tick
ready for network use   tick tick
patient manager   tick tick
record-edit function
  tick tick
  expandable with further analysis and therapy modules   tick tick
spectrogram   tick tick
  optional module tick
voice strain test (loading test)   optional module tick
Vospector   optional module tick
viewer for 
  optional module optional module


  • lingWAVES Modules Overview

Short overview about available lingWAVES modules. To get more information on the modules please contact us

lingWAVES Basis lingWAVES Vospector lingWAVES VDC
modular system with 
client manager
clinical tested 
voice quality analysis
Voice Diagnostic Center 
extended voice range profile with voice quality
lingWAVES Phonetogram Plus lingWAVES TheraVox lingWAVES MSDA
Phonetogram Plus
standard voice range profile
visual voice and speech biofeedback
Motor Speech Disorder 
Assessment (MSDA)
motor speech profile 
lingWAVES EGG lingWAVES Voice Loading Test lingWAVES Voice Handicap Index 12
Electroglottography (EGG)
real time
Voice Loading Test
measurement of vocal load
Voice Disorder Index / 
subjective suffering 
caused by dysphonia
lingWAVES Spectrography
lingWAVES Spectrography Pro lingWAVES Voice Analysis
acoustic analysis 
Spectrography Pro
extended spectrographic analysis
Standard Voice Analysis
pitch/F0, FFT and energy
lingWAVES Spectrography Real Time lingWAVES Multi Real Time lingWAVES Extended Voice Analysis
Spectrography Real Time
instant spectrographic 
voice print
Multi Real Time Analysis
spectrograph, pitch, 
energy in real time
Extended Voice Analysis
Jitter, Shimmer, LPC, 
AMDF, Cepstrum, ...
lingWAVES Recorder lingWAVES Filtering lingWAVES USB Recording 

lingWAVES FireWire Recording

Fire Wire Recording
Voice Recorder
high quality voice 
recording and editing
low, high, band bass, notch
lingWAVES Label lingWAVES Aligner
add notes and information to voice recordings
automatic labeling of 
voice records
High - Studio Quality Recording


Windows: Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7
Mac: Yes Switch Access: No

Recommended for: Speech and Language Therapy