MK Prosopsis

Built-In Touch Screen


Designed for applications developers, system integrators and manufacturers. Competitive cost & fast turn-around. Standard sizes available from 6.4" to 24". Custom Design available.

A trained technician is required to install the touch screen kit in order to avoid damage. The Built-In Touch Screen Kit can be integrated into LCD or CRT (desktop or open frame), and kiosk cabinet. Anti-glare surface is standard, glare surface can be custom ordered for most touch screen kits. Controllers (USB and Serial) are available for Win, Mac & Linux with mouse emulation drivers.Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, ME, Mac 9.22-10.x, Linux

Available for:

  • Models for LCD For 6.4" LCD For 8.4" LCD For 10.4" LCD For 12" LCD For 15.1" LCD For 17" LCD For 19.1" LCD Widescreen Models: For 19.1" wide LCD For 22" wide LCD For 24" wide LCD
  • Models for FLAT CRT For 15" Flat CRT For 17" Flat CRT For 19" Flat CRT For 21" Flat CRT
  • Custom designs are available.